City Spotlight: Boston Magic Beans

March 9, 2021

Boston represents our second city launch and we are thrilled to be able to bring Upfront and the ability to search daycare prices to Boston parents. We also want to highlight other local resources for parents which is why we started “City Spotlight!” For our second “City Spotlight” post we have Magic Beans. Magic Beans is an independent toy and baby retailer in the Boston area that has been around since 2004. We spoke to Eli Gurock who is a co-founder of Magic Beans (along with his wife Sheri Gurock).

Bibs, bouncers, cribs, strollers . .  the list of baby stuff has no end. And within each category, there are so many options. Ask any mom’s group on social media for a recommendation for a specific baby-related item and you will be inundated with responses but no clear answer. That’s where Magic Beans comes in. Eli and Sheri Gurock started Magic Beans in 2004 to make parents’ lives easier by offering everything a parent could need in one place. Magic Beans isn’t just a toy store with a few baby items and it’s not a baby store with a few toys. It’s both! When a local toy store closed down the Gurocks saw an opportunity to bring a new type of shopping experience for parents. They focus on providing parents many options while also offering their expertise and guidance on what would be best for each family. They don’t want to fill your house with every possible item, instead of focusing on what makes sense. 

And their product knowledge is extensive. Just take one look at their Youtube channel and you can see the owner, Eli Gurock, give comprehensive reviews of everything from strollers to car seats. And parents rely on this information, judging by their over 50K subscribers. In-store Magic Beans provides that level of expertise on a more personal level offering personal registry appointments. Addressing the unique needs of every new parent is important because they can approach preparing for a baby in different ways. Some parents have pages and pages of spreadsheets and others come in with very little information. “It can be very overwhelming. We train our staff to honor people where they are at and respect the rite of passage,” says Gurock. 

And how has COVID-19 changed the way people are registering? Gurock says “#1 has been the travel stroller because people are not traveling as much now.” They also saw a large increase in sales of jogging strollers as people were spending more time outside and needed a replacement for going to the gym.

In terms of advice for new parents, Gurock suggests starting with something small like the Yo-Yo because it may cover most needs. In the end, though, he does concede that most parents end up getting multiple strollers. His biggest recommendation is that “You don’t have to trick your house out with every conceivable gadget. You’ll be ok.” Outside of baby items, he offers one last piece of advice: “Babies go to sleep earlier than you think. Try having the baby going to sleep at 7. They’re going to wake up no matter what time.” Gurock should know. Not only has he helped thousands of parents, but he is also a parent himself.

Check out Magic Beans in the Boston area! They also offer nationwide shipping and virtual consultations.

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