City Spotlight: Boston Nurture by Naps

January 28, 2021

Boston represents our second city launch and we are thrilled to be able to bring Upfront and the ability to search daycare prices to Boston parents. We also want to highlight other local resources for parents which is why we started “City Spotlight!” For our first “City Spotlight” post we have NAPS + Nurture by NAPS. NAPS is a unique program that provides women with personalized support from trusted and experienced Registered Nurses, through a menu of services that are virtual, in-home, as well as a robust online learning platform inside our membership Nurture by NAPS.  Whether you are preparing for labor, learning to breastfeed, or struggling to soothe a newborn; our online classes and nursing care are thoughtfully created to deliver easy-to-digest advice and tips that parents can implement right away. Enjoy support through NAPS, from pregnancy through early parenting, in a non-judgmental way that leaves you feeling confident and proud of the decisions you make for you and your family, from real-life Registered Nurses and moms. We were able to connect with Emily Silver, one-half of the founding team, and learn a little more about this unique and supportive company for women.

Many mothers have a moment when they are about to leave the hospital with their little one and think “Am I really supposed to know what to do?” In the hospital, your nurse becomes an immediate resource to help with the ins and outs of taking care of your new baby to the point where you wish you could bring your nurse home with you. Emily Silver, co-founder of Naps + Nurture by Naps, witnessed this many times as a labor and delivery nurse and it's what inspired her to start her company. According to Emily “NAPS (formally known as Boston NAPS) provides high quality care from a team of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. “We believe in empowering women to trust their instincts and believe in themselves as mothers. Through virtual or in-home nursing services, our clients receive 1:1 access to medical professionals who help you feel confident during your pregnancy, and when you transition home to feeding, newborn care and navigating the parenting journey. Prenatal services include an array of pregnancy, parenting and prenatal courses, including our most popular event, Pre Baby Bootcamp. We also offer in-home and virtual lactation consultations, sleep consultations, daytime and overnight nursing care, and new mom support groups.”


Emily started this company alongside another registered labor and delivery nurse, Jamie O’Day in 2011 and they have been finding new ways to support women over the past ten years. Most recently they launched Nurture by Naps, a virtual learning platform that allows women to access informational resources and expert advice from anywhere. As Emily explains “Nurture by NAPS is our online membership that was created out of a passion and drive to reach more moms and positively impact them on their journey.  Members have access to content that guides them through every stage or pregnancy and parenting. The program includes video how-to's, live Q&As with our nurses, in-depth care guides and our popular 'Ask a Nurse" forum where you can post a question to our team and receive a response within 24 hours.” 

Providing this type of support for moms can help new moms feel more confident in those early days of motherhood and feel like they are not alone and are connected to a community. In fact, one of their most popular services is the “Pre Baby Bootcamp” where you are able to spend a weekend learning about everything you need to know from labor to caring for your newborn.

Impact of COVID-19

We did ask Emily about the impact of COVID-19 on the postpartum experience. Undoubtedly it has made an already overwhelming experience even more so. As Emily describes “The pandemic has been a difficult time for our women and families through their pregnancy and into bringing their newborn home. Maternity leave already had this sense of isolation prior to the pandemic, and it drastically heightened now due to COVID. While the postpartum experience looks different, in terms of less visits, or more virtual appointments, and needing to stay in, we have continued on with our Mom's Survival Guides to connect moms during the pandemic, so they can make lasting friendships and not feel alone during this time. The pandemic has forced families to really step back and evaluate who can come into the home, who can visit, and who can offer help, once the baby is here. A key piece of education for us right now has been helping families navigate this and weight the risks and benefits, as well as talk about ways to mitigate risk, so that they can have someone, or some form of family come in to help them postpartum - whether it's a lactation nurse, a family member to help you at night, or a friend to drop off dinners.

Advice for New Moms

Lastly we wanted to know Emily’s biggest piece of advice for new moms and her response was “Start practicing the act of asking for help, and accepting help.  Help is a sign of strength not weakness.  We often, as moms, feel that we are supposed to be doing it all when we have a baby.  But, you just went through labor and delivery and brought a baby home.  You too have to recover and rest.  Treat yourself like you would your newborn, just focus on feeding your baby and feeding yourself, helping your baby get sleep and you to get sleep.  Ask for help, and accept help for everything else (all the way from diapering to swaddling to laundry and cooking).”

We hope that all new moms are able to find the support and help that they need and can see that NAPS truly does try to provide services that help both infants and moms. Check out NAPS if you are interested in learning more about any of their services. 

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