Holiday Gift Ideas for Daycare Teachers

December 14, 2020

As the holidays draw near and we’re finishing finding gifts for our family and friends one group that deserves a little extra appreciation this year is daycare teachers. In 2020 daycares have struggled to survive and those that have survived have had to take on many extra precautions and costs in order to stay open. Many daycare workers were furloughed and many daycares have had to limit capacity in order to meet a lower child:staff ratio. And while many of us have had to adapt our lives to the global pandemic daycare workers have the tough challenge of finding unique ways to maintain a warm and secure environment for our children amidst masks, temperature checks, and constant sanitation. So here are a few creative gift ideas for daycare teachers that show your appreciation. We say creative because we are trying to avoid the usual coffee mugs, candles, classroom decorations, etc that don’t fit into the Marie Kondo world we set-up for ourselves in 2019. 

A Gift from the Heart

The gift that means the most to daycare teachers doesn’t cost anything at all. A handwritten note expressing gratitude for everything your child’s teacher has done this past year is the the type of gift that can have the greatest impact on a teacher. In a year where we all have been missing human connection a personal note can ensure a daycare teacher that you notice and appreciate everything they do for their children.

The Gift of Self-Care

Daycare teachers are constantly taking care of others so what better gift than the ability to indulge themselves in a little self-care. This year it’s harder to make it to a nail salon or spa so think about giving something to help your child’s daycare teacher relax at home. How adorable is this holiday themed nail polish set from Olive and June?

Gift for Daycare Teacher
Picture Courtesy of Olive and June

The Sweetest Gift

Know that your child’s teacher has a sweet tooth? A box of chocolates or some holiday-themed cookies is a sweet way to show your appreciation this holiday season. This year you might want to skip the homemade treats because of sanitization purposes. Instead, support a local bakery or chocolate shop and drop off some treats that the whole staff can enjoy. If you really want to be on-trend considering finding some hot chocolate bombs like the ones that have taken over Instagram the past month. 

Gift for Daycare Teacher
Picture Courtesy of Etsy

An Environmentally Friendly Gift

We’ve been eating at home ALOT this year. If your child’s daycare teacher brings lunch from home consider upgrading their tupperware to a stylish container from W&P Porter. These ceramic bowls are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Best of all they reduce single-use plastics. They make for an elevated “lunch from home” experience which is something we all need since we haven’t been able to dine in many of our favorite restaurants this year. 

Gift Ideas for Daycare Teachers
Picture Courtesy of W&P Porter

A Treat Yourself Gift

A universally-loved gift for daycare teachers is a gift card. This past year has been rough on many family’s finances and daycare teachers are feeling that pain too. A gift card to a grocery store or retailer can bring much-needed joy this holiday season. The amount doesn’t have to be very high. Even a $5 or $10 gift card for coffee or donuts can make a daycare teacher’s day. To make it more personal consider adding a note as we mentioned above. The combination of the two will make any daycare teacher feel loved. 

The Across-the-Board Favorite Gift

It may seem impersonal but a holiday tip of cash is truly loved by daycare teachers. It means they can choose to treat themselves, their families or purchase things to support their income aka supplies for their daycares. Again the amount doesn’t have to be high. According to Emily Post $25-$70 is the suggested amount although some families do go as high as one week’s pay. Include a card from your child and your child’s daycare teacher will surely feel appreciated.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Staff

Don’t forget any assistant teachers or admin that are also a part of your child’s daily life. They have also been working hard this year to make daycare safe during the pandemic. A box of chocolates can be shared among the staff and everyone loves a personal note. The truth is that this year, especially, everyone will appreciate a little extra holiday love.

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