How Much Money Can You Save by Buying Used Gear for Your Baby?

October 12, 2021

Stroller, crib, bassinet, car seat . . . the list goes on for what you need to buy for a new baby. While gifts and registries can help alleviate the costs for expecting parents, there are often still multiple big-ticket items that have to be purchased before the baby’s arrival. Knowing how high the expenses can get when you have a baby, parents should look for ways to save as much as they can on every purchase. This is where parents should consider buying secondhand gear where they can find quality products at a much more affordable price. But trying to find high-quality items can seem overwhelming to new parents with a large to-do list. And how much can you actually save by buying used gear for your baby?

Where do I find secondhand baby gear?

Facebook groups, neighborhood listservs, friends, and family are all great sources for used baby gear. But sometimes the quality isn’t as great as promised, and it can be hard to search for specific items. You may not be looking for a baby swing from your sister or don’t have the space for a double stroller from your neighbor. Online marketplaces like GoodBuy Gear make it easy to search for specific items you need and do much of the hard work for you. Their team of gear experts examines each item for safety, cleanliness, and common issues for 20,000+ baby and kid items. They also check for any missing parts, imperfections, or dirt and grime and they never accept gear that is damaged, unsafe or has been recalled.

What items have the biggest savings?

One of the most expensive items when it comes to baby gear is the stroller. Jogging, double, all-terrain . . . the options are endless. Strollers can have more features than your car and often feel like you’re spending as much. While a simple umbrella stroller can be under $50, a full designer stroller can often retail for well over $1000. In addition, with more expensive strollers there are often accessories to buy like travel bags and cupholders which can add several hundred dollars to the overall cost. This is where buying secondhand can be really beneficial because often people are willing to throw in many of these accessories if you agree to buy the stroller or offer them at a steep discount. You can potentially save over 50-70% of the cost by buying secondhand. From Gently Used to Barely Used to Open Box, GoodBuy Gear carries a wide assortment of strollers, at prices you’ll want to pay.

strollers and baby gear

Another area of stress for new parents is preparing for the lack of sleep with a newborn. This is why many parents are willing to spend over $1000 on tech-forward bassinets like the SNOO in the hopes that it will help their babies sleep better. Often bassinets are only used for a few months before a baby transitions into a larger crib so they can still be in great (even almost-new!) condition when bought second hand. Because high-end bassinets are in great condition the percentage savings may be less than a frequent-use item like a stroller. Buying a secondhand bassinet can potentially save you 20-30% of the cost of buying a new one.

Car seats are an essential item for any new parents. Many parents start by purchasing an infant car seat that is able to clip on their stroller. This makes transporting a newborn much easier and convenient. Babies often grow out of the infant car seat within the first year and then parents have to purchase a rear-facing or convertible seat that a child will use for several years. Car seats can range in prices from $100 - $300 but it’s important to remember that price is not indicative of safety. All car seats have to meet US government safety standards. Experts do recommend that you should not buy car seats secondhand. If a car seat has been in an accident it may no longer be safe to use. When you buy a car seat secondhand you may not have the full history and it may not be easily visible if it has been an accident. One option is to buy an open-box car seat. Open-box means just that: a parent purchased a car seat and opened the box but never actually used it and then returned it. It can also refer to floor models that were taken out to show customers but never used in a car. Buying an open box car seat can save you anywhere from 20-40% off the retail price. You can visit a baby retailer and ask if they have any open box inventory or you can check out a site like GoodBuy Gear. GoodBuy Gear exclusively sells open box car seats and inspects all of their inventory for safety, functionality, and cleanliness ensuring you can feel good that you are prioritizing both safety and value. 

The average amount a parent spends on a baby’s first year can reach over $20,000 when you include things like diapers, furniture, childcare, and healthcare. But as you can see from above purchasing items like strollers and bassinets secondhand can save you a few thousand dollars. Those savings can be put towards your child’s college savings, other baby expenses, or allow you to splurge on other items that are more important to you and your family. And with sites like GoodBuy Gear you can do it easily and with the security knowing that you are purchasing high-quality and safe items. Babies grow quickly and buying secondhand ensures that you are not wasting money on items that may only be of value for a short period of time. Taking the time to research what you really need will be financially beneficial throughout your child’s life.

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